Quality Objective:
  • Success through continuos improvement
  • Effective Customer Service
  • Highly skills Employees
  • Production must be effcient
  • Commitment to ISO 9002
Quality Policy
"To continue improving the product quality and services to ensure TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONS."
From the selection of raw material suppliers until producing of finished goods, Feiti sticks strongly to its quality policy from the very beginning, until the end. Selection of well-known overseas and domestic suppliers, rigorous quality control on incoming and outgoing lots, speedy attention with countermeasures, well trained and experience quality contral personel, are all in placed to ensure our products'qualityare mainted at the highest level.
Ultimately, customer satisfaction is our TOP PRIORITY!

Environmental Policy
"To be environmental friendly and complied strictly with the environmental policy being set."
 Feiti practices the following to ensure compliance:
  • Prohibition in using environmental hazardous substances.
  • Reducing water wastage and electricity consumption.
  • Create awareness amongst employees to ensure the implemented policy is well disseminated and digested.
Joining the world of GREEN, Feiti takes the intiatives to implement its enviromental policy in compliance with the global standard.
We care for the enviroment, as we are part of the families living on the same soil.

Sales & Service Oriented
Sales and service are our main bussiness focus and we understand that it is the secret behind every successful company and it applies to Feiti as well. Besides guided strictly by the Quality and Environmental policies, emphasis on sales and services are no less.Effective pre and post sale strategies are pivotal to determine a company's success, and Feiti practices and implements its strategies through consultations and experience.
Excellent customer service, continuous improvement, attentive, courteous, spontaneous quick response, well trained, committed, WE HAVE THEM ALL!

Inspection and Analysis of Plating Chemical
•We have scientific method for analyzing the conent and ingredient of coating process chemical to ensure meeting customer specification and requirement.
Plating Thickness Indicator
•By utilizing scientific method the content and ingredient of the stnadardized coating process can be anayzed to meet high quality productivity.
Saline-water Spraying Tester
•We have Saline-water Spraying tester to quality requirement.
Water Treatment Facilities
•Meets DOE INTERNATIONAL requirement.



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